Chief minister of karnataka Siddaramaiah says BJP, RSS AND BAJRANG DAL ARE Terrorists

In few months the elections of Karnataka will happen and the current chief minister of Karnataka made a statement after the speech of Bjp president Amit shah. Cm said the current party who is ruling almost in all over India and the supporters of bjp[ like RSS and bajrang dal are Hindu extremist and he uses the Hindi word “UGRAVADI” means terrorist or the group who is threat for country. As we all know if congress loose this election in Karnataka then it will be the last fight of bjp vs congress in Indian politics. Because Karnataka is the only big state that is ruling by congress. Before a year ago Bjp won the elections in Uttar Pradesh with the unbelievable support of public. The elections of Up proved that BJP is the only party who can do this. After results there were many cases registered against bjp to manipulate the evm voting machine. Many politicians said that was not the fare elections but after investigation that is proved that elections was fully fare.

After many allegations on bjp, The national spokesperson of bjp mr. sambit patra said it is not acceptable to blame the majority of country. Sambit patra also said that congress government in karnataka is influencing the crime activities in karnataka. As we all know that in 5 years of congress government there were 22 bjp persons killed by the government. Bjp said it the final fort that congress have in all over country. Bjp also added that we will make sure that in next elections of karnataka will be in favour of bjp like uttar pradesh, gujarat and another big states in the country. The spokespersons of the congress party and rahul gandhi didn’t comment on his chief minister’s speech that was against bjp, rss and Hindu groups like vhp and avbp. 

lalu prasad yadav gets 3.5 years jail and 5 lakh fine in fodder scam

Lalu prasad yadav is a politician. He was the chief minister of Bihar. He also worked as a minister of railway and got very excellent success in his time period. Harvard invited him to give speech or lecture in Harvard university on Railway. He was the youngest Loksabha member in his time. he was elected in 1977 as member of parliament. In 1990 he became the chief minister of Bihar and continuing till 1977. In 1977 He has to resigned because of fodder scam. From 1977 to 2005 his wife rabdi devi was the chief minister of Bihar and there were many people who seek rabdi devi as a surrogate of lalu prasad yadav.

The jungle raj of lalu yadav ;

There were many people who say that when lalu or his wife was the chief minister of Bihar was the ugly time with no constitution and rule of law called jungle raj (law of forest). 

When the final decision came out from the judicial system;

The judge of the court slam the lalu and other criminals. After final decision the Honorable justice said i am fully ashamed that you guys can steal the food of innocence cows.

There were 11 criminals with lalu. who also arrested and sentenced for 7, 3, and 10 years with 5 and 10 lakh fine.

Lalu yadav who is the President of Rjd will be in jail atleast for 3.5 years or it can be more. why ?

Because tejashwi yadav who is the son of lalu and rabdi. Tejaswi said infront of media that he will appeal in high court or in supreme court. Tejashwi blammed modi. He said that his father is the victim of Nitish kumar and Narendra modi’s politics against Rjd.

Tejshawi yadav who was the Deputy chief minister in biharbut because of personal interest the alliance of Nitish and tejashwi was broken. After rjd Bjp gave the support to Nitish and made him the chief minister of Bihar again. After broken alliance with rjd narendra modi played his card well and take the bihar under his rule of law.

The cbi court made his decision through video conferencing. The supporter of lalu protested against the government and said they will go high court and will bring the justice for his leader. 

Fed up with terror and trump may finally deny pakistan to give $255 million in aid

                   America denies to give aid to Pakistan 

In politics no body knows what is going to happen ? United states of America denied to give aid to pakistan. The first tweet of president trump in 2018 was a message for Pakistan. He wrote that united states has fooled by pakistan.
The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 1, 2018

According to sources President trump is not happy with pakistan and said many times that pakistan doesn’t support America in Afghanistan. 

According to the sources America will go with the policy of no more in future with pakistan. As President trump mentioned in his tweet the word “No more” with pakistani government.

Trump in fear because of China ?

There are many person who says that the china will be the next superpower. If it will happens it can be a disaster for America and India also. And china is still trying to support pakistan and both countries is doing a project in partnership in Pakistan called cpec.

What is cpec ?

The full form of cpec is china Pakistan economic corridor. It is a collection of infrastructure projects that is currently in under construction. The original worth of cpec is about $46 billion but in now a days the worth is increased up to $62 billion.


Padmavti will release with some cuts as “Padmavat”

The way of sanjay leela bhansali has cleared for his upcoming opus magnum Padmavati. Cbfc gave him permission so he can release his movie.

The actual date of movie release was 1 December 2017 but because of many protests against movie happened in all over India. The members of karni sena has raised the protest against Padmavati first during the shoot of movie in a fort that is situated in Rajasthan, India. During the shoot the members of karni sena stopped the shoot forcefully and slept sanjay leela bhansali. After this sanjay released a letter for karni sena and promised them to not distort the history of padmavti.


Budget of Padmavti ;

Padmavti is a big budget movie of Hindi cinema and has a great star cast in the movie. So we can usually think that how much expensive it can be. The budget of padmavti is 150 crore Rupees. 

These will be the main changes of movie ;

Film will have a Disclaimer that will show that movie is fully fictitious. Movie does not owns that it is based on any real incidents.

Some scenes will be change

The movie will have second Disclaimer that will show that movie does not support “sati pratha” self immolation.

The movie contains a song called “Ghoomar” will be changed by the request of rajputana families.

who is karni sena ?

Karni sena is a group or party of Rajput’s and Hindu’s. Who works for social welfare. Karni sena threatens many time of the star cast and director of the movie and said if film will release we will burn the movie theaters.

Padmavati got u/a certificate from censor board and name will be changed as “padmavt”. 

Padmavati got u/a certificate from censor board of India. Now we can’t say what will be the next date when padmavti will release but unfortunately karni sena lose the case almost and there will be 99 percent chances that movie will be released soon. 

Rajnath singh Defence minister of India condemn Pakistan

    Rajnath singh Defence minister of India condemn Pakistan

Pakistan arrested a retired naval officer of India named as Kulbushan jhadav. Minister of Defence of India condemn the matter of Pakistan. As we all know Pakistan arrested a innocence 
citizen of India and was doing business in Iran. Pakistani kidnapped the innocence and took him into the jail of Pakistan and tried to hang him by army court judgement. After judgement of pakistan india filed a case against pakistan in ICJ court and after that icj ordered to stop Death sentence for jadhav to pakistan. After case pakistan  released a confession video of jadhav but they forgot that icj or ipc doesn’t accept the video as a proof for the person who will be hanged. 


When they reach pakistan with a indian officer. Pakistan decided to embarrass them and created a media conference without the permission of india or indian officer or icj. Pakistani already planned the questions to asked the innocence mother and wife of victim and several times pakistani media asked very cruel question like…..

1.Is your son a terrorist ?
2.What is your reaction of death penalty on your ?
3.Do you feel shame for your son ?

Before media conference when they met to jadhav. There was very high security with a bullet proof glass between jadhav and his mother and wife. They even can’t touch jadhav. Before the meeting pakistani changed the clothes, earings, bindi, mangalsutra and even shoes.

After they came back to India, Pakistani government said that they found a device in jadhav’s mother’s shoes. But they are fool as usual they even forgot that the mother, wife and the Indian officer crossed two airports between the travelling to India to Pakistan and they traveled freely without any circumstances. Even Pakistan didn’t show the device to the world till date. Isn’t it funny ?

After one day the foreign minister shushma swaraj made a statement in Indian parliament and condemn the Pakistan and whatever happened in Pakistan. The Defence minister of India Mr. Rajnath singh made a statement against Pakistan and said we will bring justice for Kulbhusan Jadhav at any cost.       

Ishrat jahan victim of instant triple talaq joins the BJP

        Ishrat jahan victim of instant triple talaq joins the BJP

Ishrat jahan who is a Indian Muslim Lady and a victim of instant triple talaq. Ishrat jahan became a female worker and joined the India’s biggest political party and gives her full confidence and full support to Indian prime minister Narendra modi. Ishrat jahan says that she is very humble for Narendra modi and says she welcomes the bill of triple talaq bill. when media asked that ishrat are you happy with punishment of 3 years for who offence the triple talaq ishrat said that i will be more happy if punishment will be increased by government of India.

who is ishrat jahan ?

Ishrat jahan is muslim lady and she was victimized by her husband. when she is living in India at the same time from Dubai her husband gave her triple talaq on phone and According to muslim scholars instant triple talaq is legal in Quran (the holy book). There are many cases in India of triple talaq so finally government fed of this nonsense and passed a bill against triple talaq. From today it is against of the constitution of India.

why ishrat jahan joined the bjp ?

Ishrat jahan is a fan of modi and feel very good for him. Ishrat says finally modi found the justice for muslim ladies. Ishrat also says that may be if time will come than she can be a bjp leader by winning election.

what is triple talaq and how it is bad for women ?    

In all Islamic states triple talaq is a crime but it was not in India. In India there are thousands of muslim female victims and it is increases day by day and registered many cases in in all over the country so finally government passed the bill in Indian parliament and said now from today triple talaq is a offence it is a crime and against constitution of India. Now muslim womens feels good and have faith in Narendra modi.

Real life couple Ali and Richa in a reel love story ???

As we all know Fukrey returns came out and got mixed critics review. The star cast of fukrey and fukrey returns Ali, Richa and 3 other male actors. As we all know that Ali debuted in the industry with movie called 3 iditos in a supporting role and after that worked in few movies like fukrey and Happy bhag jayegi and for your information if you don’t know that ali worked in Hollywood movies in fast and furious 7 (cameo). and talking about Richa According to me richa is that actor who loves her character and portrayed on the screens very well. she worked in movie like Fukrey, sarabjit, massan, ramleela and more.

Ali fazal and richa chadda

Now you can understand what we are talking about the relationship between ali and richa is more than co actors or just friends. Ali and richa sharing a relationship. Yes you heard it right the two of both sharing a relationship secretly.

In this we are going to reveal another secret that the couple is doing a reel life love story. The couple gearing up for a untitled Love story. And movie will be shot in Rajasthan  

2 minors held and sent to up jail for cow slaughtering

In India cow slaughtering is a crime because in Hindu religion cow is like god and mother for Hindu. It is a holy animal and according to the constitution of India it is illegal and a crime to does cow slaughtering. 

police of muzaffarnagar have arrested and sent to jail two girls, elder is 16 and the younger one is 12. After picking them with their mother and six other persons on charge of cow slaughter. The two children shown as adults in court and dispatched to jail when they should have been sent to a juvenile home.

INDIAN NEWZZ has copies of the adhar card of the girls and the date of birth is showing in adhar card is 2001 and 2005.

when media persons contacted the, Ssp Ajay Sahdev told that he has ordered  a p[robe by the khatauli circle officer. He willl look in the matter  and will take action after investigation.

In India there were some incident happened with people who have been doing cow slaughtering. And that incidents proved that cow is a very meaningful word for the people who came from Hindu religion or have faith and believe in Hindu culture.

In the case of muzzaffarnagar the arrested people were engaged in cattle slaughtering. Nasimuddin a person who is in this group were involved in many cases of cow slaughtering and many cases registered against him in police station.

up spokesperson of  all india majlis e ittehadul musilmeen, shadab ahmed and the family members of accused  protested infront of the police headquarters on saturday. They asked why ? the two little girls in jail.  


Rajnikanth announced his entry in politics

             Rajnikanth announced his entry in politics

Rajinikanth has finally announced his entry into politics, in ending December long suspense which had kept his fans, observers, politicians and fellow film stars on tenterhooks for months.

 Speaking to his hundreds of fans who trooped into the Raghavendra marriage hall in Chennai, Rajinikanth stopped short of announcing a political party, saying only that he would float one at the “appropriate time”. That didn’t stop one fan from coming armed with a ‘party flag’ — a tricolour of red, white and blue with a sketch of Rajinikanth. First among those to congratulate Rajinikanth was his cinema, and perhaps, political rival Kamal Haasan. The BJP, too, welcomed him, saying it shares his ideal of honesty in politics. The AIADMK was more cautious, welcoming the actor in politics, but seeking to know his “blueprint” of politics. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy was quick to dismiss the hype around Rajinikanth’s political plunge, predicting he would ‘flop’. With the announcement, the Thalaivar of Tamil cinema has ended the months-long suspense and again stirred the political pot in Tamil Nadu, which has been going through a political vacuum since the death of AIADMK leader J Jayalalithaa last year. 

Kamal hassan welcomes to rajnikanth: The legendary actor kamal hassan of south and Hindi cinema welcomes another legendary actor in INDIAN politics